Best Online Streaming Sites For Movies And Tv Shows in 2020

Tired of leaving the comfort of your cozy couch and driving to the cinema to watch a movie? Online streaming has provided us the convenience of watching movies right from the comfort of our digital devices. Be it, traveling, movie night at a friend’s house, or a romantic date with the special one, online streaming sites are the go-to websites to watch movies and tv shows whenever you want.

Are all online streaming sites safe to use and legal? This poses a serious question and not all websites can be trusted!

Here is a list of streaming websites in 2020 that are user-friendly and provide premium streaming experience which makes the overall movie experience even better.

  1. YouTube

Looking for the easiest and safest website for online streaming? YouTube is for you. From videos made by content creators to tv shows and films streaming on popular cable networks and channels all around the world, this website is one of the best sites for you to use. In 2019, the app launched by YouTube was downloaded over 13.3 million times from the Google Play Store and over four million times from the Apple App Store making it the most leading apps of the world.

Special Features

The YouTube app makes it easier to stream wherever you go. Its subscription service which includes unlimited storage space for users to record whatever they want. Live sports content and tv shows streaming on-air can be watched on it too.

Suited to those wanting to stream short films, content videos, and tv shows.

  1. Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of content for its users. A subscription lasts a good while and permits unlimited streaming for subscribers. There is a variety of interesting movies, documentaries and tv shows that you can stream on Netflix of your own taste and enjoy the experience. This service has become so popular that an estimated 37 percent of the world’s internet users use Netflix.

Special Features

Other than its premium feel, the Netflix Gift cards add more value to its subscription plan. Its HD display is no less than the cinema screens. It keeps coming up with new content to keep its subscriber base indulged and entertained. You can also try the 30 days absolutely FREE trial and then manage the plan of your subscription as per your need.

Perfect for users who want to see Netflix original content and other high quality and popular tv shows and movies.

  1. Tubi

The Amazing thing about this streaming website is that it is 100 percent free and legal!. It was announced in Feb 2020 that Tubi had 25 million monthly active users worldwide which is quite a sum.

Special Features

Absolutely no subscription fee is required and you just need to get yourself registered to start seeing amazing movies. However, there are ads on this site and the content isn’t unique. The viewing experience and display quality depend on the older the movie is hence the quality is compromised. But it’s completely free so it’s bearable. The user ratio is still quite high.

  1. Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most authentic websites for online streaming. It grants unlimited access to original movies which include both classics and new movies. In the recently reported fiscal year, the company’s net revenue amounted to 280.5 billion U.S. dollars.


Special Features

Along with accessing free TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, a salient feature of Amazon Prime lets you access more than 5 million songs on Amazon Music for free. Amazon Prime membership can be shared with other family members too.

  1. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a popular free streaming service. This service is connected to both the Internet Movie Database website and the app. It does not have any subscription fees but the user has to see ads in between the content just like Tubi.

Special Features

IMDb TV rarely produces its own shows but has other popular hits of different genres and categories. The ads aren’t too long too and are bearable for the free streaming experience.


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