How to add Google ads to your website

Are you feeling difficulty in adding ads to your website? Are you looking for an easy way to add advertisements to your website? If yes, then you don’t need to be concerned anymore. You will get a comprehensive guide about adding Google ads to your website after reading this article.

This is very common to earn money by creating websites but adding ads helps you increase your earning. To add google ads on your website, AdSense is required. You have to create an account in the AdSense program. It’s google’s advertising network. AdSense helps you in adding google ads to your website. You have to follow the following steps;

  1. Visit page

First of all, go to the AdSense google page/website.

  1. Sign Up

Then click on the “sign up” option and start the further process.

  1. Link of Your Website

Now enter the link of your website where you want to add google ads.

  1. Email Address

Fill the space with your valid email address where it is required.

  1. Permission

Choose an option (yes/no) whether AdSense can send you help and suggestions or not. Better to select yes so that you will get more information.

  1. Click on the option “Save and Continue”
  2. Now log in to your google account
  3. Choose your country
  4. After reviewing the terms and conditions of AdSense, click “accept”
  5. Lastly, click on “Create Account”

After creating an account on Google AdSense, add google ads to your website. For this process go to your Google AdSense account, click on “My ads” option, then type a unique name for your advertisement, select the size by using the Size pull-down menu, select the type of ad from the given types by clicking Ad type pull-down menu, choose default type to allow plain or graphical ads.

You may create customized channels by clicking “content” on the right side. Choose any one backup ad. Select color for your ad. Select the family font and ad box corner style, then click on save and get code. At last, copy and paste the Javascript code on your website.


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