Make Money with Google Adsense without Website

Do you want to make money with AdSense? Do you have a website? If no, then there is no matter to be worried. You can also earn money with AdSense without having a website or hosting. In this article, I am going to discuss some useful methods with you to earn money from AdSense without making a website.


Without a website, you can easily earn money by sharing revenues of different companies’ ads. You can sign up for AdSense program’ publishers who share revenues with workers. There are some ways to make money with Google Adsense without even having a website;

  • AdSense on YouTube

Google’s properties are best known for making money with AdSense. Google-owned youtube in 2006. It makes a great part of the annual income of Google. From 2007, it decided to pay a reasonable amount of money to the people who are owners of youtube videos. After 10k views on a video, you start getting paid. Much of this amount is due to the AdSense program. You can monetize your channel by meeting their terms and conditions and start making money. You just need to associate an account of the AdSense program to your channel.

  • AdSense on Blogger

Create a blog on Google’s Blogger platform then sign up to show AdSense ads. Now you can easily earn money through your blog with the help of AdSense. The process takes a few minutes to be completed. You can do this if you don’t have any website to earn money.


If you don’t have enough revenue to buy a hosting plan or a domain, then earn by these methods can be helpful for you. In website development, there are many expenditures for designing and maintaining the website, you can also avoid these expenses by following these methods to earn money from AdSense without a website.

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