Will digital media ever rule the world

Everything in the world is going to be digitized at a rapid rate, faster than ever.

From paying bills to attending lectures, from doing business to playing games, all have become online and digitized.

The global increase in the usage of digital media indicates that time isn’t far when digital media will rule the world. In the past, traditional media were the way of communication in all over the world , but today, technology empowers people all around the globe by providing easy access to all sources.

Impact of Digital Media:

Digital media began as a network set up to enable government laboratories as well as many facilities for the betterment of people . It gradually transformed all aspects of the modern lifestyle.

  • Changed political behavior:

Digital media provide a platform for masses to express their views about any politician or any person. Politicians can also get funds, voters as well as reputation through digital media. Moreover, it also enables citizens to participate in political and public decisions of the country.

  • Changed the social lifestyle:

Through digital media, the world is just a click away. Digital media improve social interaction as in the modern world, people chat with each other social media and exchange jokes and their family events memories and learn more with each other. It enables the civilized community to speak up against injustice in society.

  • Changed the education style:

Before digital media, access to information was a challenging task.But with the help of digital media, it has become more easy to read and write, as one tablet contains thousands of books and can educate the whole society.

  • Changed the entertainment style:

It becomes the most important medium to make entertainment. You can read different books, you can design anything on different websites.


By the time the success of digital media over the traditional one is increasing as it possesses a comprehensive platform for all the tasks.

It has converted the world into a global village with astonishing results by enabling people to make use of their skills effectively.


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